Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prayer and Rejoicing

Hi Sweet Friends,

I applaud your kindness in continuing to read!! :) I know your time is precious!

We are nearly to the end of our time. I'm sure it will have flown right on by!

Please pray for the following:

* Health - traveling anywhere can weaken immune systems. Pray for the Lord's protection over our bodies from sickness and discouragement through health issues.

* Rest - pray that in the midst of a demanding schedule, we would sleep well at night and wake up rested.

* Words of encouragement - as we are in full-swing of all things planned, pray that we would be intentional to encourage one another and those we come in contact with during our time here in Mancora.

Today (before we left for the trip), I found out that ALL of the money needed for this trip for every single person had been raised!!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! This was definitely an area to trust the Lord with and I am completely humbled by His continued faithfulness!

Thank you to those of you who were so generous in sharing your resources to make this trip possible. Wow. Thank you.

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