Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sisters - what a gift!

Nearly one week ago, the 23rd day of August, was my sister's birthday. When I was younger, I always thought she would pass me in age this time of year, because for 2 1/2 months, we are one year apart. I have determined in the week it has taken me to write this, that I will stay up as late as it takes to finish and publish.

* I Have had serious issues getting the pictures to be the way I wanted, so I have decided to forget putting it in chronological order, etc. It's for her anyhow and she knows!!!!

Since I wrote posts about mom and dad, I decided to write one for sister. I will probably weep through the writing of this post.

 As with momma and daddy, I have very few photos of us scanned in, so this is what I have.
Sister and I were the "cool" kids!! Because we are close in age, we have always done everything together.
 I'm making an executive decision (it's my blog, so I guess i can), I'm going to write to Hannah (though I'll probably include anecdotes that will explain to those who don't know us so well).
Sister - I always loved dressing up with you. You are the only reason I have any kind of fashion sense!!!
 I loved playing with you as little girls with our dollies, wagon that became our place of grand imagination, cooking up incredible meals with our kitchen set, and so many other things.
 I loved that we remained friends and became closer in high school. I don't know if you have any idea how much more comfortable I felt when you were around. One summer in middle school, we went to camp together (I don't know if you even remember this), but I was having a rough week and felt super lonely. In your completely giving way, you wrote me a note and put a stuffed animal you bought on my bed just to cheer me up! I don't think you know how much that meant to my hurting heart. You've always shown your heart of giving through your actions and words. I love that about you!

You are one of the most beautiful women that I know! I love your smile and your laugh! You say hilarious things and hanging out with you is one of my favorite activities!

I've always secretly been jealous of your beautiful curly hair (except for maybe the awkward stage you had with "the haircut" - you know what I'm talking about!!!)
It's a trademark - those gorgeous locks!!!

I love that you have been so encouraging of my being here in Panama! I know we joke about my moving into your laundry room, but I'm so thankful that as much as you want me to move to the states, you are a huge cheerleader!

Another favorite memory is telling stories late at night and you asking for more of the crazy stories!!! I'm sorry for all the nights i kept you awake reading books by the nightlight or flashlight or leaving the lamp on to read "just one more chapter"!

I love shopping with you and how that is a part of our special hangout/sister time!

Your smile is a winner! You have such a gift with making people feel comfortable and sharing life with you. You also have this incredible talent of getting people to answer bizarre questions and finding out interesting facts! It's because you create an atmosphere of care. You are blessed in this way and I Love how the Lord uses that in you to bless so many people's lives.
Watching you be married is so fun! I always knew you would be the first and you are a great wife to watch! I love your honesty and how you have grown in your role as a wife!

This makes me laugh because we are doing the exact same thing! Like sisters!
Thank you for forgiving me for all of the times i pinched you as a child and blamed things on you. I was not the nicest older sister. Thanks for not disowning me or hating me forever! :)
Thanks for putting up with all of my messes.

Thanks for being you. For being funny, serious, kind, giving, goofy, compassionate, honest, transparent, wise, humble, and so many other adjectives
I love how comfortable you are with being you. I love that you would walk around a foreign country wrapped in a snuggie to stay warm!

I think it's hilarious that you and I can still dress alike without even trying even after all of these years
You are hilarious to play games with - namely Cranium and Risk. Plus cards is also a favorite
I love that day you shared with us you and Ben were having a baby!

You have a heart of thankfulness and live gratitude.
You have always made birthdays so special - surprising me in college many times by arriving or coming to visit on my birthday!

One of my new favorite things has been watching you become a mom. I love the way you sing songs to your baby, from the crazy made up ones (Little Tiny) to the sweet ones "If You're Happy and You Know" and "This is the Day".

You are a great mom! You tell Charlie Belle all the time about the Lord, even now with her so little. You are so sweet to pray with her. I love how the Lord is growing you and molding you in this new season of life with a wee one

You have a baby!!!!!! It's like all those things we played as kids really happened - you have a baby, a husband, and live in Tennessee. AND you have a truck (well, Ben does, but close enough!) Remember how you always wanted a four-door truck? GIRL!!!!
Thanks for being my friend in the midst of all the times I've been too "busy" or been a jerk. Thanks for your patience and demonstrating long-suffering.
I always thought that as we got older and moved our own ways, it would be harder to stay close as sisters and friends. You have shown me our relationship can be even stronger, though we are thousands of miles apart. Even tonight as we talked, I was reminded of the blessing of new depth in our friendship.
You are more than a sister. You are more than a friend.
You are a part of my life no one else can hold.

You push me outside of comfort because you dare to risk.

You dare to play baseball in flip flops and pearls.
You love deeply.
You embrace freely
You live passionately.
You love Jesus more now than ever.
You are inner-gangster
You make funny faces with brother
You are sweetness

I love this picture because I think your hands are beautiful! They are distinctly you and I love that! (Nevermind the fact your fingernails nearly caused gouging of flesh as children, but they are lovely!!!)

You are joy
You live!
You Love!
You hope!
You learn!
You reflect!
You laugh!






(Hannah posted this picture - it's the last time we saw each other this summer. Saying goodbye one early Sunday morning - they headed to TN and soon I would head to Panama. It makes me cry just thinking about all the times we've said goodbye. It doesn't get any easier, but the times we share together are so sweet).

Regardless of where God takes each of us on this path of life, you will always be sweet sister. I love you more than I could ever explain to you. I rejoice in the ways God has restored our relationship over and over. You are a gift. You bring delight and joy!

Hannah - keep living in the ways of the Lord. Keep on in obedience. The recent things the Lord is doing are amazing and you reflect His radiance.

I can't wait until the next time we see each other again to laugh, cook, play, shop and LIVE!
Forever ~ Your Sister

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