Monday, September 10, 2012

An "Abnormal" Week

What is normal anymore???? Moving from a highly structured school-day formatted environment to a laid-back, you-never-know-what-might-walk-through-the-day office environment is like night and day. The beautiful part has been that I see so many of the same people (ie: students and staff) each day, but the interaction is very different.

Last week, I was hit head on with the realization to be prepared and Spirit-led at each moment. If you are a follower of Jesus, we know that intellectually, but living it can be very different.

A "typical" day starts with a quiet office, open Bible, sometimes our Ladies Bible study book, and a pen. I love those early, still mornings to rest and enjoy the Lord's presence. This has been sweetness for my soul.
After that, every day is different. Preparing for the week, lessons, chapel, details for programs, setting up, cleaning the office, reorganizing things, talking with people who drop in - this is "normal".

Last week, numerous students came by to talk. It hits what my heart loves - building relationships, hearing hearts, and asking the Lord for wisdom!

Students laughed, cried, shared, opened their hearts, talked freely, and sometimes more than one of those!

I realized again in a new way that ministry has the potential to be completely draining. It requires a daily filling of the Spirit, an undeterred reliance upon God, a complete humility in realizing I have nothing to offer - doesn't this side like life?

So many things in my "job" have changed, but so much of it is the same. It is loving students, praying truth over them, desiring for their passion to be about Christ, and hearing their hearts.

My heart breaks for so many of them. It is the time-old questions we've all asked in one form or another, "Am I good enough? Will they accept me? Why my family? Why can't I just be myself? Who am I?" and so on.

Yet, my heart rejoices at this unique opportunity. I don't know how I would be doing this title anywhere else. I'm thankful to be here. I'm thankful for the freedom to take the time to talk to them, to listen, to be available, and to grow.

I "found" this song this past week in the midst of talking with students. It is a beautiful reminder that redemption brings freedom in the midst of our weakness and weariness in the battle. Praying each precious one finds Jesus in the midst of each of their storms, that truth permeates each battle, and that hope would be delight as they Jesus guide them through each step.

So what may have been what I considered an "abnormal" week, may end up being normal; I'm ok with that.

And so dependence on the Lord grows. Reliance upon Him must be strengthened. And I must continue to die to self. Knowing it's all for His glory.

What a joy!

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  1. Thanks for this, Abby! Definitely need this... and 10th Avenue North just gets it every time, don't they?! Miss you!!