Sunday, September 23, 2012

Check Your Feet

So this morning on my way to church, I rushed back to my room to put on my shoes.

Slipping them onto my feet quickly, I grabbed all of my loot and headed out the door, shouting goodbye to our house guest.

I closed the door behind me, juggling three bags and on my way down the three steps to the car, I glance down and notice this.

Yep, they are two different colors. (Sorry it's not the most fabulous picture - one black and one red shoe)

Yep, I put them on in the dark. Yep, they are the same brand and style so they felt the exact same putting them on.

So came laughing back into the house, announcing to Jen that my shoes were wrong.

Hilarious! I almost wore them that way to see if anyone would notice, but the red shoe did not go with the outfit!

It was one of those moments where I am thankful that because of my clumsiness I look down at the ground to watch where I am going! It definitely came in handy today!

Check your feet on the way out the door!

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