Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Day - Luke and Abby

The big day came on July 7.

(I'm going to do a separate post on people we were able to see at the wedding)

 This is Luke and I - normal
 The beautiful bride
 Yeah - sisters!
 They did all of their photos before and it was fabulous!

Charlie Belle eating her dress because it was a delicious dress!

The new Spencer clan!!!! We keep growing and I love it!

 OH MY!!! Could eat her up!!!!

 Uncle Luke tried!

 All Luke and Abby's nieces and nephew!

 Luke and Abby did generational photos. Grandma and I were checking out hers. Love this woman!
 Luke's Side
 Luke and Grandma Jean - so thankful she could come!!!
My baby brother - a groom!!!!

 Love them!!!

 They walked out to "I Feel Good" - thus Luke's face and awkward looking movements in this picture!
 The Main side of the family
Spencer side of the family

It was amazing to have so many of the extended family there! What a sweet gift!

 It was a long day for little miss                      Cute sign leading into the reception area

 Luke's baseball cake!

 Luke put on his baseball hat, to which Abby replied, "Only for two minutes!" Hilarious!
                                                                                       Best buds - Luke and Matt

 Whoa! We're married!
Congratulations, Luke and Abby!!! Love you both so much!!!!

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