Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Week - Texas Style

It has become tradition that the children in my family do "destination" weddings in Dallas in the church we grew up. Although, Luke and Abby's wasn't technically destination, because they both live there.

Mom and Dad traveled to Nashville, I piled in with them and then we carried on to Dallas.

Our week began by eating Tex-Mex, the things we all dream about when we live far away. Sigh. Homemade flour tortillas - yes, please!

 It's like coming home, everytime!

 Dear sopapillas, flour tortillas, fresh salsa, and cheesy queso dip! Sigh. Yes, this truly is the motherland.

 The week continued with lots of running into old friends, lots of laughing, family time, checking out Luke and Abby's new apartment, and just enjoying the week.

A bachelor's freezer - meat and ice cream! Love it! Totally my brother and our dad's son!
Ah, so sweet! Memories
I remember going here when little Lukey was well...little.
We were at Northpark Mall and kept running into people we knew from days gone by.
This cracked me up. Ben walks up and says, "Pastor Charlie." I love seeing how Dad's little charges at one time are now all grown up and all married.
David and Jamie and their precious girls were able to meet up with us at the hotel. I had never met their sweet daughters and the time was delightful.
Preparing for the photo - love these kind of pictures!
It's blurry, but I still love it!!!
Buddy and I - this little brother is such a great gift! He is one of my very best friends! So blessed to have siblings that are friends.
WEDDING SOUP!!!! Perfect for wedding week!! (Our hotel served dinners, and this was the menu board.)
Game night at the Kirkpatricks!!! This is so Dallas to me! Nights playing cards and laughing and sharing crazy stories - family. We were missing some folks, but it was still sweetness!
And what would be needed at this event? Blue Bell of course!
Dad "had" to finish the containers, so said Mama Lisa.
Lauren hanging out with the cutest baby!
Oh yeah - Michigan Rummy!
Look at these two precious faces - baby girl was sleepy!!!
And she crashed out!
Then she got her second wind and was entertaining the masses!
Abby's family had a bridal brunch for her and we were invited to come. It was fun getting to meet many people in her family!
Mom and the new daughter!
Every time we left CB with Pappy, we would come back to him holding her while she slept. What can I say? We love this baby!! (I do the same thing)

Thus ends the prep for the wedding! Next summer installment will be the rehearsal!

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