Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little Buddy's Birthday

Yes, I know more than a month since a post. Life happens.

Today's post is all about my little brother, whose 24th birthday is today.

I remember so clearly the day he was born. Yes, that makes me old.
He was supposed to come on the 26th, but to make a grand entrance as the baby, he decided to wait a day

We lived about 35 minutes from the hospital, so dad rushed us off to stay at the Dowdy's house, while he and momma went to the hospital. Luke was born only minutes after they arrived at the hospital.
Hannah and I had always loved to play with our baby dolls, so having a real baby was super exciting. We didn't quite realize at the time that he would grow up, make a mess, get into our stuff, or how much we would fall in love with that little baby.

This pictures makes me smile, because it was taken at Dairy Queen in White Hall where mom and dad told us they were going to have a baby!!!!

We used to tell Luke that mom had candy for him so he would leave our room and when he left, we would shove a dresser in front of the door. That did not go over well.

He was a baseball playing little buddy and it became a family activity to go to his games. We saw a lot of Texas and the US during those years and have such sweet memories of those times.

Look at that sweet buddy and pappy!!!

Luke and I have always enjoyed being overly dramatic and fun together! He is hilarious and definitely our family clown!

This was us getting ready to say goodbye when I came to Panama. Tear.

Luke has been an incredible gift from God to our family. He adds a spark of life to us and brings us to our goofy sides!!! :)
He is hilarious and loves to play games and make our parents break out laughing too!!!

 Dear Little Luke who is All grown up - I can't tell you how thankful I am for you.
 You have always sort of been like our little old man in the family - so fun and spontaneous, but also wise and contemplative.
 I love that you are a reader - probably much more so than I.
 You have so many gifts and such an amazing balance between goofiness and a serious nature.
 You are a man of integrity, who walks humbly before God, and seeks first the Kingdom.
 You love the simple things in life - like Dr. Pepper and Mrs. Baird's bread.
 You make the craziest faces and are willing to laugh at yourself (and others!)
 You love studying, but just not to attain a bunch of knowledge, but to use what you know to see yourself and others know Jesus more.
 We had no idea how you would change our family and we can't imagine our lives without you.

 You are not just my brother, you are an incredible friend.
 I love talking with you about whatever is going on.
 (Model Pose)
 I love talking with you about articles you have read or watching a movie together and discussing worldviews.
 I've loved watching you fall in love with Abby.

 You are incredible!

 I love that you have always been willing to give something up to follow what the Holy Spirit is leading you towards in faith.

 Though you may have been embarrassed by your two older sisters,
 you have always let us pick on you and be goofy with you.
 Perhaps that is why you are so fun to hang out with! :)
 I remember being so excited when we found out you were a boy (even though Hannah wanted a girl - I won!). A brother.  Little did that almost seven-year-old girl know how much you would change her life!
 Keep pursuing the passions that God put in front of you.
 Keep laughing and loving.
 Keep playing.
 Keep on keeping on (sound familiar?)
 You are amazing.

 Your family loves you like crazy.
 And now you are all growed up and married (crazy!!!!)

 Thanks for always being my little buddy, though long ago you grew taller than me.
 Keep leading your household with grace and under the Lord's guidance.

 I rejoice in your life.

I love you, Lukas-pukas-dukas!
You amaze me!
Tear. Sniff.

Can't wait to hang out with you and Abby this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

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