Monday, October 29, 2012

Pranks, Rubber Duck, "duck" tape, Pillows, and Alarms

Jess and I have been scheming lately on how to scare Cheryl. Yes, I know, it may not sound nice, but there you go!

So last night, Jess grabbed one of the rubber ducks left over from the baby shower and we planted it under Cheryl's pillows. Our hope was when she laid down it would squeak and she would scream!

Good plan right?

 Can you see his little duck booty here????? We were sneaky!
We went in last night to "talk" to see if she would lay on it. She almost discovered our plot, but didn't.

Fast forward seven hours. It's 5:45am. Yes, am.
I awaken to the house alarm going off. Not the best feeling in the middle of the night.

I open my door in my half-awakened state and see this...
My heart nearly stopped and then there is a dark figure standing at the end of the hallway.

I squeal, not too loudly, because I don't want the "bad guys" to know I am startled by the booby trap outside of my door.
The dark figure speaks, it is Cheryl. She starts laughing and in the midst of her giggles tells me it is safe to come out. 

We turn off the alarm, wait to tell the alarm company that, yes, once again we are safe, and then try to fall back to sleep for a few minutes.

Cheryl had apparently discovered little duck at midnight and plotted this devious little trick to startle Jess and I in the morning.
I then began to wonder if she rigged the alarm deal too just to see the panic!

Upon closer inspection this morning, Little Duck had his eyes blackened out.

Getting home from work today, Little Duck evidently wore himself out just hanging around, so he jumped off of the swing.
Cheryl has given the warning that she is excellent at pranks. We'll see how well Jess and I heed the warning.

Always an adventure!
Thankful for fun roommates who keep life interesting!

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