Sunday, October 28, 2012

Very "Pinteresting" - Jalapeno Dip

So in the past few weeks, I have been making LOTS of recipes from Pinterest.
There are three of us living in the apartment right now and we rotate making dinner for each other.

Nearly every recipe I've made has come from Pinterest and there have been some winners!! (a couple of losers too, but we'll skip those for now!)

I decided today that I needed to start recording which ones are worth passing along.

Today I got home from church hungry and ready for some yummy lunch!

I threw together some chicken salad with some leftover honey mustard chicken and then decided to make a copycat recipe of Chuy's Jalapeno Dip.

Y'all - delish!!!!
I am not a Chuy's Jalapeno Dip expert, but the recipe I made was yummy!!!!

So here is the link to the recipe I found on Pinterest - Jalapeno Dip

It was SUPER easy and yummy!

I made it in the blender because I don't have a food processor.

Next one I am testing - keeping cilantro fresh.
Inevitably, I buy cilantro and within a few days the leaves are black or it froze in the fridge.

I'm going to wrap it in plastic and stick it in the fridge. Hoping this nifty trick from this link - - works out for cilantro!!!

Happy pinning and trying!!!

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