Monday, January 21, 2013

100 and Christmas

This is my 100th post! Wahoo!
Currently, over 6,000 people have read the blog, thanks family, for re-reading my posts every day! :)

Yes, I'm still posting about Christmas, but I'm ok with it!

One of the most things about Christmas this year (besides cute baby) was obviously being with family, but there was lots of Christmas hunting!

First - mom had an amazing gift made for Dad.
She took some of the old barn boards from Great-grandma's barn and had them made into a cross. She bought some little plaques with some names for Jesus and had them put on the boards. It is now in his office.
Because it was so big, dad had to go find his present in the car.

 Everyone excited about the surprise!

Even that cute baby!

Dad surprised his present is in the trunk!

 Way to go, Mom! You win the award for most creative present of 2012!

Even the baby was thrilled about it! (oh goodness - she is too cute! I could eat her up!!!!)

Then came round #2 - this time for both of the parents.
MONTHS ago, I called both siblings and told them Christmas present this year was going to be easy, this is not typically the case. Momma and Daddy love going to Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA. It is fabulously spectacular, so it was obvious this would be the perfect gift!
The show we bought tickets for is Noah, so we decided to spice up the gift a little.

The family has this Noah's Ark we've had for YEARS!!!! So we took all the animals out, hid them with the cheesiest rhyming clues ever, and put the tickets in the ark and wrapped it up.
Then we sent mom and dad out to collect all of the animals and eventually end up back at the tree to unwrap the present. It was HYSTERICAL watching them trying to figure out our clues and what they must mean! This may be a new parent tradition! (I've got to start working on my poetic skills for next year)

First clue and the basket to gather all the little animals!

Hunting in the deep freeze - yes, there were animals in there. Wooden ones, people! Don't panic!

In the ice box

Confusion over some of our clues - we are awesome poets!!!!

Where could this one be?

Fridge in the basement

We were all laughing a lot as they were searching around the house and giggling at our clues!!!!
Finally the present!!!!

Mom pulled out the cash for some of the expenses and wondered what it was for! Good times!

Merry Christmas, Momma and Dad!!! First year in a LONG time, we've come up with a creative gift you would love AND made it a game too!!!!!

Now for this Christmas....

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