Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

How did the year 2012 pass so quickly? Only a year ago, we were all waiting anxiously for the arriving of sweet little miss and now she is about to be ONE!!! Baby girl is not so much a baby anymore!

It's been a sweet time of a break with family and being in the states.
It has snowed THREE times, which is crazy unusual for here! So fun to enjoy the beautiful snow AND to know that I can head back to warmer weather soon!
It is so rare that we can all be together, so anytime for us to hang out is a sweet treat! We missed having Ben here with us,  but know he needed to be with his family.
(slightly blurry. My favorite was the one where CB was screaming!)

There will be other upcoming Christmas reflection posts. This was a Christmas filled with hunting for gifts - which was SO fun!!! I think our parents are now afraid of what tasks they will have to complete in the future! Hehehe!!!
Here's a sneak peak.

Love my family! So thankful for this special time for us to be together!
Thanks, Lord, for this precious gift of time!

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