Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun Signs #2

Visiting other places and living in a different country has been fun to see interesting signs.
On my recent trip to the states, I discovered several interesting signs that I thought would be interesting to photograph and write about on a blog.

I first wrote about this sign

Here's the next fun one:

Remember these?????

Remember buying film? AND the stress of whether or not your batteries would run out when least expected?

I saw this in DC on a souvenir street cart and I had to take a picture! It took me back to my first mission trip in 1995 to England. I was going to be gone for 5 weeks and that was back in film camera days.

Pretty sure I took 13 rolls of film on that trip. Now, all that's needed is a big enough memory card!

Good take-me-back-reminder of days gone by sign!
Now, I wonder what has happened to all of those "ask a student to bring in a film canister" ideas for teachers? That is a shame!

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