Monday, January 28, 2013

Interesting Form of Convenience

Y'all, convenience is a big deal in our culture!

So, when I saw this, I knew it had been taken to a whole new level!

When Dad and I went to Africa, we took little disposable toothbrushes for the travel segment, so I'm sure these little chewable ones serve a purpose.

Want to know where they were being sold? In a vending machine located in a mall bathroom.

Can't you imagine coming up with a sales pitch?
* Need a breath freshener on the go? Try our Chewable toothbrush! No need to run water or spit. Just chew and feel the minty freshness in your mouth!
* Trying to impress your date? Just pop this in your mouth like gum and know those pearly whites are sparkling!
* Tired of the rigor involved in brushing your teeth? Just chew and go!

I think I'll stick to my traditional toothbrush thanks!

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