Friday, January 18, 2013

Leaving it all on the table

You know that you are the states when...

Can you even see what was left on this table?

* Laptop
* External screen
* Purse
* Other personal bag
* external keyboard and mouse

For real? Very trusting lady got up to go to the bathroom and left everything set up. I went to a free wifi location over the break and when I needed to use the facilities, I packed it all up and took it with me. That was in much-smaller-town-America than DC.

Possible reasons why she is so trusting:
1. She works at this fine dining establishment
2. She is a regular and the employees know to look out for her stuff
3. It is a 0% crime rate neighborhood
4. She wants to collect an insurance reimbursement
5. The items belong to someone else
6. She really wants apple products instead
7. They don't really work and she just spends hours pretending they do
8. There is a booby trap set up to thwart any potential thieves, including electric shock, trip wires, and tasers.

Perhaps there are more reasons, but that's all I can think of right now! Perhaps I shouldn't react so exuberantly next time I see someone leave all their things out.

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