Monday, January 14, 2013

Not in our Childhood

Having a cute new kid in the family has been super fun, as I'm sure you have gathered if you read this blog.

Charlie Belle, being the grandchild for my parents, has allowed my parents to join a very special group of people known as "grandparents". I had heard the stories about how it would change them, their reactions, etc, all based on their friends who are also part of this special club.

Since living so far away, I do not always get to see them utilizing this newly acquired skill, but this Christmas break gave me a peek into their world of grandparenting.

Remember how certain things were not allowed when you were a child and now with this new munchkin, she can get away with it? Yep, it really happens. AND I happen to have proof - photographic evidence of this type of behavior! :)

Sitting at the table with her plate in the chair. Tsk, tsk, tsk! :)

Sitting and riding in the TOY wagon intended for stuffed animals. Yes, those are pappy's hands pushing her in it! Look how happy that face is, knowing she is getting away with it!

That's Granny handing her cookie pieces BEFORE dinner! What is this world coming to?

Touching ornaments on the tree!

We were never allowed to eat part of the nativity set!

Going outside without a coat! Gasp!

Spanking an uncle with a wooden spoon (never mind the fact we were encouraging her or that Luke was posing)
 And last but not least, she is Pappy's granddaughter, therefore she MUST be introduced to Blue Bell Ice Cream at a  very young age.

Times sure have changed! Though, we had our fair share of grandparent spoilage too!!!!

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