Monday, January 7, 2013

That Baby!

I've heard people talk a lot about how fun it is to have small kiddos around during Christmas. Boy, were they right!

First of all, that cute baby our family is enamored with is incredibly expressive! She makes the craziest and funniest faces, which add to her charm!

 This face makes me laugh! Hilarious!

"Oh my goodness, y'all will not believe what I saw on that plane!"
 I feel like she is trying to copy Uncle Luke here! Look at those gorgeous eyes!
 Happy baby girl!!!
 "NO! I'm not tired. I've told y'all a hundred times!"

"Uncle Luke, I don't like your scruffy face!" :)


Loving being bundled up in her carseat!


Hurray for presents!!!!

Good thing the girl likes having her picture taken because it happened a lot!!! AND not just from me!

Christmas with a little one - so fun! Can't wait for next year!

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