Friday, January 11, 2013

Very "Pin"teresting #2

So I see these amazing things on Pinterest and somehow think that I will become crafty, so I try said project. The most recent was this pin:

From this blog

It is pinned on my For Lil' Miss board and with her birthday in January, I thought how fabulous it would be if Tía Abby made her a gift. AND to push it even further, how fabulous would it be if I made this a tradition? This was all prior to actually doing the project.

Fortunately, my mom is a sewing expert, knows the lingo of sewing and how to fix mistakes. I learned how to rip out stitches and that this is NOT my gift.

I picked out some fabulous bright blue fabric with gray ribbon to make the belt and a big gray bow (of course!).

*Note: most of the pictures were taken on the ipad, so the quality is not superb.

Then I sewed the sleeve shut. I was totally oblivious, sewing away. I get to the end, hold it up, and said, "Mom, how is her arm supposed to go through?" Yep, didn't even realize I had sewn it shut!

Thankfully my mom was incredibly patient, otherwise it might have been the end of our relationship!

You can't see it sewn shut, but it was! Oh my!

We finally finished. My biggest concern was that her head would not fit through the opening. Little girl has a big ole' head. Cutest head I know! Mom kept assuring me CB's baby doll could wear it if nothing else. That was not comforting to me!

Here was the finished product:
The front (it is all the same color, the lighting makes one side look darker)

The back.

Mom has a fancy-schmancy sewing machine, so the edging looked AWESOME and added some fun pizzazz to the tunic.

The moment of truth: Dad facetimed me at the party to show me something and here it is:

It fits!!!!!! So thankful!

Now of course that it is over, I'm thinking about next year. Hmmmm...
Stop it, Abby!

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