Saturday, January 26, 2013

Very "Pin"teresting #3

I really like Pinterest! I've found some fabulous recipes, hilarious comments, creative ideas, etc.

So I had seen this thing on Pinterest about paper cuts.

It was one of those LONG scrolling through pins with lots of interesting tips. All pictured with a duck. Why? I have no idea.

So last week, I had need to experiment.
No, I didn't do it on purpose.

Enter exhibit one:

Yes, I know this is not paper, it is the metal seal on my favorite chai tea mix!
It HURT! Yes, we all know that feeling.

So into my brain shoots this memory of that duck announcing the relief chapstick can bring to a papercut.
Well, what do I have to lose, except the burning pain of a metal cut?

Can you even see the cut? It's on my ring finger. 
Isn't it interesting that such a small cut can bring such intense pain? The kind of pain where you want to jump around, squealing, breathing through your teeth, and shaking your hand? 

So I whipped out my Burts Bees from my pocket (a necessity) and rubbed it on the cut.

While I'm not sure if it made the pain completely go away, it did seem to help. Maybe it was a mental trick!

So the next time you cut your finger with paper or a metal seal, perhaps this little trick will come to mind! :)

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