Friday, January 25, 2013

White House Part 1

Through a VERY long story/explanation, I was able to tour the White House twice over the Christmas break. The first one was through the east wing. You know, the pictures you see in history books, etc. 

Ok, y'all, history is super fascinating to me and after teaching Bible, history was my favorite class to teach (especially in 4th grade).

Jim was our personal tour guide and led us through the rooms - blue room, red room, state dining room, etc. Call me crazy, but I could picture paintings and photographs in my mind from people of days gone by who were painted or photographed in those rooms. So surreal. 

You can't take pictures inside, so I don't have those to share, though I have repeated mental pictures! 

One interesting note: I was surprised at some of the wiring. I know that sounds crazy, but some of the lamps and such are older and are wired into the wall or have the older style of plugs and outlets. I found that fascinating. Weird, I know. 

Here are some pictures from outside: 

 I love the older style architecture!

It reminded me a little of The Hermitage in Old Hickory, Tn (Andrew Jackson's home). Not the outside, but the style and layout on the inside. Love it!

I wonder who power washes it to keep it so clean?

There's the Washington Monument!
 AND a chopper landed in the yard while we were walking out! Crazy!

There's the capital just down the road.
 So much history in one building

Part 2 was even more surreal! 

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