Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last week at Bible Study, we were sharing what the Lord had been teaching us either over the Christmas break of just in general.

I'm a word girl and totally see the Lord using themes or words as a learning tool for me. My grad "speech" from the Master's program a few years ago used this idea with all "R" words - restore, renew, refresh, redeem, rebuild...

I like those ideas so much they hang on the wall in the dining room.

As I have been reflecting over the past few months, the word that kept coming back to my mind was "present".
No, not the one to lay before another or introduce and no, not the one meaning a gift.

Present - to be there, wherever there may be. To participate in the moment of what is.

This has taken many shapes.

To be present when another is grieving. To be present in tears and hurt. To be present when it seems that there is so much brokenness.

To be present when another is rejoicing and celebrating. To rejoice and laugh. To be present in the joy of new beginnings and hope for the future.

To be present in the normal. To delight in the simplicity of today and the wonder of life. To be present in a sweet hug or smile. To be present in watching a five-year-old delight in a baby's "tiny toes". To be present when seeing the question in a young girl's eyes - "does anyone see me?"To be present in laughing at another joke from roo (the roommate).

Sometimes it seems like schizophrenia - moving from sobs to laughs. From gasping for breath when your heart aches to an overwhelming flood of joy at the delight in a friend's eyes. But more than that, it reminds me of Scripture.

Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind about seasons. Sometimes it seems like the seasons all come at once. Celebration. New life. Death. Loss. Hope. Destruction. Rebuilding. Waiting. Action.

Jesus felt deeply. Loved fully. Sorrowed greatly. Celebrated passionately. Gave sacrificially.
He was present.

Emotions cost.
They cost time.
They cost energy.
They cost sleep.
They cost questions.

They require presence.

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