Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington DC Part 2

After the morning tour of the White House, it was off to explore more of DC.

This included a tour of the Capitol building. Seriously, gorgeous building!

Fortunately the tour included the opportunity for more photos than the White House tour.

 Obviously this is not the Capitol Building - pictures out of order!
Gorgeous! Look at the beautiful sky also!!!!
 It also reminds me of Texas, since the capitol building in Austin is modeled after this one!
 Super cool headsets for the tour! Wonder how many people have worn these?

 Yep, went in there - it's the old one!

 There it is - the old senate chamber
 So I was taking a picture of the hallway - I heard my name being shouted and fingers snapping! The hand up in the air in the corner is TJ telling me to take this guy's picture. He is a senator and this picture is totally an accident!
 Seriously?????? I grew up seeing this in history books! love it!
 More of the amazing paintings and.... know that white-haired guy????
Senator Kerry, yep, walked right by us. TJ talked to him.
 Amazing architecture and artwork!

 We got to go and sit in the House and Senate galleries. Incredible. So surreal.

The house was in session, which was even more fun, so we got to watch a vote.

What an amazing time! So thankful for the opportunity to see places from history and go inside!


  1. So what was the occasion that you and TJ got to be in DC?

  2. Long story, but the short of it is that the Louderbacks were going to be in DC visiting the Kueblers. It came up in conversation and Tim said anyone was welcome to join them on the White House tours. Since I was going to be in the area anyhow, I went along and made plans. TJ just excited about visiting DC and seeing so many of these places. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about our special tour of the White House! So fun!