Tuesday, February 19, 2013

White House Tour Part 2

So the coolest part of the DC trip (beyond seeing amazing people) was the private West Wing tour of the White House.

One of my former student's father is working in the White House right now and was able to give us this amazing opportunity.

We started out meeting up with the Louderbacks to split into our two groups for this tour.
 Ms. Tina - amazing woman!
 Trinity - one day I will say I knew her when!
 Gracie Lynn - precious one!
Getting ready to head in - no pictures on the inside! 
 Our fearless tour guide braving the bitter cold and making it a late night to give us this incredible and unique experience!

Here's what you're not going to see!
There are photographs everywhere of the president and his family at various events and functions. They are all recent photos within the last couple of weeks (exception - one area where there were photos from unique world events/with leaders etc).

We were able to go to the West Wing, see the Oval office, waiting rooms for dignitaries, conference rooms, etc. It was surreal! It is like what you see on TV and movies, but real life! So crazy.

Highlight - situation room. Yep, we were able to go in. We saw the bubble phone space, the three situation rooms, the room where there is the photo of the president and others watching the take down of Bin Laden, and we all sat in the president's chair in the big situation room. Crazy! It was one of those places where my mind thought, "If these walls could talk." Can't imagine the conversations that have taken place within those walls. Most definitely the highlight of the tour!

 Outside of the press room!
Yes, you could take pictures in the press room. 

Love the architecture of the White House

What an amazing experience and opportunity! Definitely unforgettable!

Hurray for adventures!

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