Saturday, March 30, 2013

You've Been Bunnied

I just got home from the fastest trip to the states I've ever taken. Literally, just walked in the house a little over an hour ago.

The trip to the states will be blogged about in the near future. Sweet Cheryl picked me up and regaled me with stories of her time home alone and I nearly cried with laughter while being sympathetic at the same time! :)

I walked into the house and saw these little foot prints coming up the entry way.

In the hallway was this note in a basket. Sneaky and creative friends!!!!!

The eggs were hidden all over the hallway and in my room and bathroom. They were HARD!!!! They are very good egg hiders.

They sat on the couch in my room watching and laughing!!! Love these sweet sisters so much!!!!

Hidden eggs.
What you can't see so well is bunny toilet paper and bunny poo in the bottom. They had seen on Pinterest to put jelly beans, but they kept disappearing. Soooo, they put in Rolos. Yes, the candies. What was hilarious was that they weren't brown or chocolately looking anymore!!! We were keeling over laughing.

I don't know if you can see the bunny tracks in the shower and his fur everywhere.

This tiny egg was wrapped all up in the belts on the hook. Sneaky egg hiders!!!

I found 74 of the 77 eggs hidden (the last one required solving a puzzle), so somewhere there are two more eggs hiding.

Several of the eggs had starbursts, some had random items, and some had letter tiles spelling out a message. This particular one had me stumped!

Abigail is what had me stumped! Sweet sisters found this particularly funny!

These pieces were the "clue" to the last egg (that is known!)

Yep, in the game.

This was seriously such a fun way to come home!!!! There was lots of laughing and running around my room looking for eggs.

AND the letter tiles were SUPER fun in finding out the hidden message.

Thanks, friends, for such a sweet welcome home!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Watermelon "stand"

Two weeks ago on the way to a soccer game, those present in the car saw the following set up next to the cemetery, just beyond the school/church building.

Gotta be honest, when I first saw it, I thought a truck had dumped its load.

You never know when you will need a watermelon.

Thanks, Aves, for your photography skills!!! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Very "Pin"-teresting #5 - Tortillas

Y'all, homemade flour tortillas are like warm deliciousness in your mouth, evoking memories of much yummy tex-mex foodness.

Growing up in Dallas meant that there were a plethora of places with homemade flour tortillas, including our local Walmart Neighborhood (do those even exist anymore???? It was like a Walmart with only groceries). They had the tortilla presser and for $1 you could get a bag with warm (literally) flour tortillas. Oh my yum!

I have tried previously to make such a delight, but it was VERY time consuming and I wasn't super impressed. So when my sister pinned this recipe, I repinned it in a moment of tortilla-deficiency weakness.

Enter March 2 - Texas Independence Day. In the weeks leading up to this momentous holiday, Cheryl and I had grand plans of hosting a fabulous Texas day with our Texas friends. BUT life hit hard and plans changed.

On the day of, we had a small Texas gathering and I whipped out this recipe for our Texas Independence Day celebration.

Y'all, they were pretty stinking easy to make and SOOOOOOOOO yummy!!! I don't even own a rolling pin (thank you, glass cup, for doing the trick).

Here is the pin for the recipe:

Here are pictures of the process: (No, mine are not the cute shapes of tortillas, but who cares????)

First, I went to get the yeast out of the freezer and it spilled everywhere. 
Cheryl promptly replied, "Our freezer has a yeast infection." Yep, that's my roommate. Always ready with a pun or joke!!! :) 

Rolling them out, waiting to go into the skillet. 

 They cook really fast, so you have to watch them! Hurray cast iron skillet! You can do it on a griddle also or a regular skillet style pan! 

All ready to stuff full of fajita-fixins' 

Our Texas celebrating crew - Cheryl, TJ, Amber, Jen, babies not pictured! 

On the menu: 
Cilantro-lime rice
Chips, guacamole, and salsa
Homemade tortillas
Sopapilla cheesecake 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diapers, Turkeys, and Tears

Nearly three weeks ago, I took a trip to Pricesmart.

For those non-Panamanian livers, Pricesmart is Panama's version of Costco.
Warehouse shopping for those of you who are not Costco-ians.

Jen and I went together to pick up necessary items, such as diapers (for the baby, not for us!), chicken, cheese, lettuce, and other what nots I can't remember.

I received a phone call while in Pricesmart from a dear friend. She called "only" to be an encouragement, say she loved me, was praying, and "Just" to check in.
I lost it. Right there in the diaper aisle. Even took a picture of the aisle as a reminder.

It was a gift from the Lord, her phone call. He knew that I needed that encouragement and those words of affirmation.

I love the God chooses to love us beautifully and individually in where we need Him the most at certain life moments. It was sweetness.
I've recently been reading Isaiah 43 and reminded of the Lord's specific care of His people. Those whom He loves. His guidance.
Vs 23 keeps coming back to mind, "Look I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?" (HCSB)
Gotta admit, I don't see it. Not yet, but I want to and can't wait!

In other news that day, Pricesmart apparently was having a deal on turkeys. Yes, turkeys. The frozen, cook all day on Thanksgiving kind. There were loudspeaker announcements and literally people running to the frozen section to grab turkeys out of boxes.
So I whipped out my spy skills to do some photo work and snooped on the lady in front of us to see how much they were.
 This lady bought two.

One in a cart. 

This lady had FOUR! There are only three on the belt and one more in the cart! 
I kept wondering, where do you put these turkeys? My freezer isn't big enough to even hold one. 
Oh, the price? $9 for a turkey. Yep, it was a deal. 
I almost sent Jen back for one. 

But we had this cute little turkey with us to hang out with instead! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Parental Visit

Do you ever find the Lord's timing so perfect and you are blatantly reminded of it?

A few weeks ago, I got such a reminder.
Mom and Dad had scheduled a visit to Panama for the end of February right at the end of Dad's sabbatical. It was good timing for me because it was far away enough from Christmas to not feel like I had just seen them and after Carnival which was good for me.

All I can say right now is that they were here at the exact right time. They were both blessings to people here that could only have been ordained by God in His infinite wisdom.

Here is some of the things that we did during their visit. They weren't so much visitors this time around, but just lived life with me in the midst of the madness!

We saw this interesting cow stroller type device for rent at the mall.

 We went to the beach and enjoyed some relaxation and sunshine! Dad made some friends with people from the Dakotas.

We saw a semi on fire on the way home. Thankful we were on the opposite side of the highway

Yes, this is sideways. I introduced momma and daddy to Dim Sum - Chinese breakfast. One of my favorite things in all of Panama! Yum! 

I put dad to work on his sabbatical. He taught our lesson at Psalm 8:2 Sunday night and it was the lesson on Jesus calming the storm.

It was fun having him here to teach! 

I took mom and dad's picture with the giant gorilla at Albrook Mall - because it's fun!

And of course we facetimed with this darling. 

More than anything, we spent a lot of time talking, processing, and being together. 
They were able to live life here with me for 10 days and it was a sweet gift. 

Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad! I love you! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Very "Pin"teresting #4

I really like cooking. I also really like Pinterest and finding fun new recipes on there.

So, I have several boards on food items and one is all about breads.

Living in Panama has required that I learn to make certain items that are either unavailable or expensive.
One such item is crescent rolls. Y'all - I cannot justify spending around $4 a tube for refrigerated biscuits or breads. Way too much!

So I found a FABULOUS recipe for crescent rolls and have made it twice in the past two weeks. And it makes enough to split the recipe in half.

 This recipe was great in the bread machine. This is half of the dough left after shaping the rest.

This particular night, I didn't need crescent rolls, but decided to make little rolls with a half of a cheese stick wrapped inside. 

This is the finished product. I brushed butter on top and sprinkling garlic salt on top.


Here is the link for the recipe on Pinterest.


Now I think I have spoiled myself. Not sure I can ever go back to buying the canned ones.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What Kind of Tail is That????

Nearly a month ago, Cheryl and I went on a cruise. It feels like a lifetime ago with so many things that have happened and occurred since then.

I digress. On our flight to Miami, we had a layover in San Salvador, El Salvador.

As we sat on our plane waiting to pull away from the gate, Cheryl pointed out a plane near the hangar.

Is that, wait, really???????

Can you see it? No, not the closest ones.
The tail furthest away.


That's a symbol from home. One I've never seen outside of the US.

Y'all, that is the tail of a Southwest Airlines plane!!!! Never in all my days did I think I would see one in Central America.
I have no idea what it was doing there, but it was like looking at home.
Dr. Pepper on planes and honey roasted peanuts (at least in the old days!)

Sweet memories.
One of my favorite things is getting on a Southwest flight and waiting for the humor to pour forth through the PA system giving safety instructions!

Maybe one day soon, I'll fly them again!