Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diapers, Turkeys, and Tears

Nearly three weeks ago, I took a trip to Pricesmart.

For those non-Panamanian livers, Pricesmart is Panama's version of Costco.
Warehouse shopping for those of you who are not Costco-ians.

Jen and I went together to pick up necessary items, such as diapers (for the baby, not for us!), chicken, cheese, lettuce, and other what nots I can't remember.

I received a phone call while in Pricesmart from a dear friend. She called "only" to be an encouragement, say she loved me, was praying, and "Just" to check in.
I lost it. Right there in the diaper aisle. Even took a picture of the aisle as a reminder.

It was a gift from the Lord, her phone call. He knew that I needed that encouragement and those words of affirmation.

I love the God chooses to love us beautifully and individually in where we need Him the most at certain life moments. It was sweetness.
I've recently been reading Isaiah 43 and reminded of the Lord's specific care of His people. Those whom He loves. His guidance.
Vs 23 keeps coming back to mind, "Look I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?" (HCSB)
Gotta admit, I don't see it. Not yet, but I want to and can't wait!

In other news that day, Pricesmart apparently was having a deal on turkeys. Yes, turkeys. The frozen, cook all day on Thanksgiving kind. There were loudspeaker announcements and literally people running to the frozen section to grab turkeys out of boxes.
So I whipped out my spy skills to do some photo work and snooped on the lady in front of us to see how much they were.
 This lady bought two.

One in a cart. 

This lady had FOUR! There are only three on the belt and one more in the cart! 
I kept wondering, where do you put these turkeys? My freezer isn't big enough to even hold one. 
Oh, the price? $9 for a turkey. Yep, it was a deal. 
I almost sent Jen back for one. 

But we had this cute little turkey with us to hang out with instead! 

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