Friday, March 22, 2013

Very "Pin"-teresting #5 - Tortillas

Y'all, homemade flour tortillas are like warm deliciousness in your mouth, evoking memories of much yummy tex-mex foodness.

Growing up in Dallas meant that there were a plethora of places with homemade flour tortillas, including our local Walmart Neighborhood (do those even exist anymore???? It was like a Walmart with only groceries). They had the tortilla presser and for $1 you could get a bag with warm (literally) flour tortillas. Oh my yum!

I have tried previously to make such a delight, but it was VERY time consuming and I wasn't super impressed. So when my sister pinned this recipe, I repinned it in a moment of tortilla-deficiency weakness.

Enter March 2 - Texas Independence Day. In the weeks leading up to this momentous holiday, Cheryl and I had grand plans of hosting a fabulous Texas day with our Texas friends. BUT life hit hard and plans changed.

On the day of, we had a small Texas gathering and I whipped out this recipe for our Texas Independence Day celebration.

Y'all, they were pretty stinking easy to make and SOOOOOOOOO yummy!!! I don't even own a rolling pin (thank you, glass cup, for doing the trick).

Here is the pin for the recipe:

Here are pictures of the process: (No, mine are not the cute shapes of tortillas, but who cares????)

First, I went to get the yeast out of the freezer and it spilled everywhere. 
Cheryl promptly replied, "Our freezer has a yeast infection." Yep, that's my roommate. Always ready with a pun or joke!!! :) 

Rolling them out, waiting to go into the skillet. 

 They cook really fast, so you have to watch them! Hurray cast iron skillet! You can do it on a griddle also or a regular skillet style pan! 

All ready to stuff full of fajita-fixins' 

Our Texas celebrating crew - Cheryl, TJ, Amber, Jen, babies not pictured! 

On the menu: 
Cilantro-lime rice
Chips, guacamole, and salsa
Homemade tortillas
Sopapilla cheesecake 

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