Saturday, March 30, 2013

You've Been Bunnied

I just got home from the fastest trip to the states I've ever taken. Literally, just walked in the house a little over an hour ago.

The trip to the states will be blogged about in the near future. Sweet Cheryl picked me up and regaled me with stories of her time home alone and I nearly cried with laughter while being sympathetic at the same time! :)

I walked into the house and saw these little foot prints coming up the entry way.

In the hallway was this note in a basket. Sneaky and creative friends!!!!!

The eggs were hidden all over the hallway and in my room and bathroom. They were HARD!!!! They are very good egg hiders.

They sat on the couch in my room watching and laughing!!! Love these sweet sisters so much!!!!

Hidden eggs.
What you can't see so well is bunny toilet paper and bunny poo in the bottom. They had seen on Pinterest to put jelly beans, but they kept disappearing. Soooo, they put in Rolos. Yes, the candies. What was hilarious was that they weren't brown or chocolately looking anymore!!! We were keeling over laughing.

I don't know if you can see the bunny tracks in the shower and his fur everywhere.

This tiny egg was wrapped all up in the belts on the hook. Sneaky egg hiders!!!

I found 74 of the 77 eggs hidden (the last one required solving a puzzle), so somewhere there are two more eggs hiding.

Several of the eggs had starbursts, some had random items, and some had letter tiles spelling out a message. This particular one had me stumped!

Abigail is what had me stumped! Sweet sisters found this particularly funny!

These pieces were the "clue" to the last egg (that is known!)

Yep, in the game.

This was seriously such a fun way to come home!!!! There was lots of laughing and running around my room looking for eggs.

AND the letter tiles were SUPER fun in finding out the hidden message.

Thanks, friends, for such a sweet welcome home!


  1. That is AWESOME!!!! So much fun - I wish I had been there to watch! And, now I have another reason to think of you when I see Rolo's! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is EGGCELENT :)