Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anyone else?????

So when flying, do you ever pull out the Sky Mall Magazine?

Y'all that is some entertainment right there! I find it hilarious to look through it and see what kind of interesting inventions people have created and what the function is! Ok, I don't look at it every flight, because then there may not be anything new and exciting!

I have a favorite from my most recent trip. Many of you may have heard or noticed that bacon seems to be a fad recently. It's interesting to me. Maybe it's a bigger deal in places where it is not so expensive.
Seriously, bacon is VERY expensive here.  Name brand bacon for a pound can be $9.95. Yikes!
Needless to say, bacon is not often bought in our home. Turkey bacon is much more affordable!

Back to Sky Mall Magazine, so I'm flipping through and see this interesting ad. I took a triple take because I could not believe what I was seeing. It begs reading the description.

I don't think I could sleep with the thought of raw looking meat on my bed. Ew! I hate touching raw meat.

So there you go, bacon fans, you can keep warm with raw blanket paraphernalia and don't forget the pillow!

Now the next time you fly, you might want to pick up the copy in your seat back pocket and see what wonders await!

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