Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Interrupted

Nearly a month ago was the annual Crossfire (youth group) retreat.

One of my small group girls had really pursued a friend from school to come and she did!!! It was amazing to have this girl there and hear about what is going on in her life.

Sweet ladies!!!!!! (Roommate and I preparing for little sleep for the weekend)


 Pass a ball of plastic wrap with candy taped up inside of it! 

 Small group - part of them 

 The weekend is filled with sweet times of worship through song
 The students drink unknown amounts of bottled soda. 
Coke in a bottle - delightful! 
 Saturday night bonfire 

 Encouragement time

 Adopted small group member - Ana
Sweet weekend of fellowship, time with the Lord, investing in relationships, laughter, tears, and prayer!

Thanks, Lord!

Highlight - Saturday night, TJ encouraged students to find a leader to pray for them. The music was playing, so they weren't to share requests or how to be prayed for, but just for the leaders to pray over them. Definitely the best part of the weekend. It was an opportunity to actually pray over my girls the things I've been praying for them privately. Pure sweetness.

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