Friday, April 26, 2013

Not Brad!!!!!

Living with Cheryl has heightened my awareness of grammatical and spelling errors.
For one, I know that if I were to make a mistake it would be highlighted, enlarged, and posted in her classroom for all to see, perhaps even under a sign that says, "Judge her!" If you know Cheryl, then this is funny!!!

The other day I deleted a facebook post because I had misspelled peek for peak and those have different meanings.

I digress.
Living in a country where English is not the native language invites the possibility that when English words are used they may be misspelled or grammatical errors may occur.

The other day I was in Riba Smith (a large grocery store here with MANY imported items from the states) and saw an example. Of course I took a picture because that's how I roll.

The poor Brads. Cooked and all.
Although even if it were spelled correctly, it could have a similar connotation - cooked brats.
Oh English! Sometimes the multiple meanings of your words causes such great confusion and humor!

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