Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PSA on Light Sensors

This is a PSA (Public service anuncio) for those of you who work or live in an environment where there are light sensors in the bathrooms.

So the school/church recently installed a motion sensor in the staff bathroom (it's a one-holer), in an attempt to be more energy efficient. Instead, it is leaving many in the dark.
One of the school secretaries had posted on the wild motion needed to get the light to come back on when it shuts off while you are um...doing your business.

Low and behold, it was my turn today. Y'all I was convinced it wouldn't happen. Sure enough, it seemed like no more than ten seconds from last movement that the light went off. I sat there in the dark with two thoughts running through my mind:

1. Do I flail violently like my friend in an attempt to get the light back on?

2. Whew, am I thankful for all of those times my sister and I pretended to be blind. I am well trained for this task.

(Side note: hannah and I used to embarrass our mom in public with one of us pretending to be blind and lead the other around. It has proven very useful in my life. I've taken it to another level of counting stairs, practicing walking in the dark, knowing exactly how to proceed when we lose electricity, running with confidence blind folded for team building games, etc).

Before commencing with flailing, I lifted my arm up and down in one motion and the light came back on.

I will admit, I went back in later for two reasons:

1. To take a picture of said tech sensor

2. To time how long before it would go off. So I stood perfectly stood and counted. Then I wondered if my estimate would be wrong because I was moving my fingers. It seemed a LOT longer than when it shut off before.

Some of us think that it does go off at different time intervals depending on what? We don't know!

Remember, raise arm and lower. Light should re-illuminate.

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