Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I don't know that I will have words to put with this post. The past five months have been intense in so many ways - lots of joy, lots of tears, lots of changes, lots of God's grace, lots of prayer. Some of it I will share and some of it is not my story to share, I've just been a sojourner with others.

This night, a few weeks back, was special. It was filled with laughter and food and stories. But mostly it was about friendship.

Baby Caleb joined us! 
Rachel, Jess, and Cheryl 

Jen, Amber, and i

Rachel asked if she could have this sign - you can't see it because of the horrible lighting.
The waiter said no. We all laughed because we were sure he had never been asked that before. 
The hole in the booth that we thought for sure would eat our purses. We were careful. No purses were eaten.

Here are friends. Some were missing. We were celebrating. We were remembering. We were laughing. And we were ending. Not the friendships, but seasons. 

Insert tears. 
When one is blessed with unbelievable friendships, women who are sisters, there is a deepness that cannot be explained. 
There is an ache that comes when one or more moves on to the next. 
But there is a constant reminder, that the goodbyes will one day end for good. 
And so will begin a new season...
One of "hello again". 

Love you, ladies! (And I love those of you who are not pictured - you know who you are)

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