Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Type A and C

So on my journey about getting my new visa, Adventure Here, it also required getting my license renewed.
Y'all know how exciting a trip to the DMV or ATTT (in Panama) is! It actually can be quite harmless here, if you time it right!

First, you give a copy of all of your updated paperwork to the people at the desk. Then you wait until your name is called (some people get numbers and that always make me panic thinking, "What if I have a number and don't realize it and miss my turn!")
You then go and verify all of your information.
Then sit and wait until called again.

Go take the eye exam. Ok, this is always fun, because I have to remember what things are in Spanish. Cruising along, I get to the letter Z and can't remember if it is pronounced zed or zeta or z. So I go with option 1, which was wrong, but it's ok.

Part of the eye exam is identifying a street sign and explaining what happens when you see it. This time I got the u-turn sign.
This is what I said, "Cuando puede girar en el otro direccion." Yep, makes me laugh too!
Oh well, I passed!

Then you wait for the hearing test where you put on headphones and listen for tones to enter each ear. You then click on izquierda or derecha for the correct ear.

Then you pay. $40 - no matter how long your license in for. In this case, my visa is for 5 months, so is my license.

Then you sit and wait for your final license to be picked up.

This is the sign on the wall in front of you during this wait.

Now look at my license.

In the top right corner is my "main" class for license.

Down on the left by the big picture is the second class I have.

If you don't get it, look at the big list in the first picture.

See it???

Yep, I am licensed to drive a bicycle. Whew.

So fun!

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