Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beginning of the "See Ya' Laters"

Reality is setting in. Tomorrow it begins.
Tomorrow I say the first one. The first "see ya' later".
I don't like the word goodbye because it sounds so final. And in Jesus, there aren't really goodbyes. Just a "see ya' later". Heaven becomes so much more sweeter the more you say "so long". Not easier, just sweeter. This isn't all there is.

(The flowers have nothing to do with goodbyes. Except that these are my favorite flowers and soon I will say goodbye to them being available inexpensively).

So tomorrow, I'll fight back the tears that threaten to spill right now. I'll give that awkward we've-known-each-other-the-past-seven-years-and-now-we-part-ways hug.
I'll make some incoherent statement and laugh uncomfortably not knowing what else to do.

And so it will begin. The first of many.

Today is began. Cried three times (ok, teary-eyed and fighting back the spilling over kind of tears). Amber said tonight, "Thanks for loving my baby. We are going to miss you." Oh here they come!
Response, "Saying goodbye doesn't mean I stop love you or your baby." Then of course I told her to move to Dallas! :)

I digress. Reality becomes tangible in the letting go.
The moments and time are slipping by far too quickly.

In high school, I really liked listening to this song. I've listened to it many times, especially at time like this - ones of transition and the see ya' laters. Wept through it many times.

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