Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calling on Praying Folk

It's almost here - Big Kid's Camp!

Last weekend was Jr. Camp for munchkins K-2nd grade. It was a blast!! I can't wait to blog about it and share so many sweet memories and mental snapshots. Last weekend was led by most of my Sunday night volunteers (more about that in the future blog).

This post is about storming the gates of heaven to pray for this weekend!

As of this very minute, we have 51 students signed up and registered. I know of at least five more that are signing up tomorrow.
Because our numbers have increased, we had to reserve another bus today.

It's not about the numbers. It's about the people going.
It's not about the fun we are going to have. It's about lives being impacted for eternity.
It's about knowing who we are apart from God.
It's about knowing who we are in Christ.
It's about knowing freedom that comes from believing truth.
It's about living.

And because we are talking about the lies of Satan and how to protect our identity in Christ, we are inviting attack from the enemy.

Will you pray with me?
Will you lay before the Lord these 50+ kiddos who are coming? Those who know Jesus and those who dont?
Will you fight this spiritual battle in prayer?

I've been about to burst out of my skin the past few days in wrapping up the lesson prep and listening to the Holy Spirit speak. How my heart longs for these students to get it! Oh, if they can understand how to distinguish between hearing the voice of lies and the voice of truth right now, how much further ahead they will be!

Will you pray each one hears the Holy Spirit?
Will you pray freedom from distractions as students have time alone with the Lord?
Will you pray freedom from distractions during our worship through song and through the study of the Word?

Will you pray?

If you know some of these sweet babies coming, will you pray for them by name?

Also, will you pray for the leaders on this trip? Pray they know how to love the students, how to be available, how to discern what is going on, and how to lead the small group times. Pray for health and for sleep for them too!!!!

This is a family matter - here we go!

Can't wait to tell you what God does!


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