Monday, May 27, 2013

Carry On, 2012

Many people enjoy shopping at the department stores in Panama because of the LOW prices.

Most of those department stores receive their goods from containers filled with clothes from the states. So Macys, JCPenneys, Kmart, etc eventually send their stuff here. Also, lots of irregular clothes are shipped down.

Occasionally, you can find good things. Gonna be honest, not a big clothes shopper in Panama. I'm such a bargain shopper, that I can typically find better deals in the states.


This past weekend, Cheryl and I were out running errands and stumbled across this find.

The reason I posted this one instead of the other is that right after Cheryl and I commented on who would buy this, a lady pulled it towards her.

It's true. Disney is super popular here. Even if it's from 2012.

For only $3.99, you too can own this piece of history.

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