Monday, May 13, 2013

Fire in the Hole

Ten days ago the electricity went out. Right in the middle of Cheryl making an awesome dinner. Good news - we have a gas stove. Bad news: we had meat in the freezer.

(Side note: one of my biggest pet peeves is opening the fridge or freezer when the power goes out. Yes, it comes from my paranoia of getting e-coli or salmonella.)

Not long after the power went out, I receive a text from TJ saying there was a fire across the street.
Picture included:

What you may not notice at first, is that there is a hole next to the man. Do you see it?

An hour goes by. Pizza is now ordered as the other parts of our dinner could not be finished. We gather with out neighbors outside to enjoy some cooler air, lots of laughter, dinner, rice krispie treats, and sweet tea.

Electric trucks come to check out the scene. Jorge and TJ go interrogate and find out the scoop.
Power went off. Electric company tries to restart it remotely. Two wires underground meet. Explode. Small fire in the grass. Hole made from the exploding wires. Hours to repair.

Amber, Cheryl, and I pack up our most perishable items and run them down to the hill to the church fridge for safe keeping.

Go to sleep. Eerily quiet, but nice.
Wake up at 11:18 when the electricity comes back on - way to go, power people!

And that hole?

That giant concrete thing is covering it and the dirt that was thrown back in.

(See how dry it is????? Example of the drought we are in. It did rain yesterday, but it needs to rain a lot more).

What may have started as an inconvenience, became a fun memory in the making!

Oh and those groceries? All rescued! No disease this time! :)

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