Friday, May 24, 2013

Hazards and Parking

I saw a classic Panama situation this afternoon.
At a local plaza, there is never enough parking. I've literally circled through the lot three times to find parking. It's crazy.

Double parking here is VERY common. Today class example:
Lady gets out of white car, turns on her hazard lights to go to the bank.

What makes it classic?????

Look at the photo...

See it? The police truck?

Ready for the irony? The police officer was in the truck and watched her do it. I was so emboldened as you raise my eyebrows at him and look at the car. No reaction.

It is true. Your hazards here will help you get away with a lot when it comes to parking.

The end.

Note: the lady walking in the picture is not the guilty double-parker. She is an innocent pedestrian also going to aforementioned bank.

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