Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Isla Contadora by Boat

Over a month ago, a group of us girls hired Dalton to take us to Isla Contadora in the Pearl Islands for an overnight adventure.

Cheryl picking up the maraƱon off the ground (cashew fruits).
 Beautiful Bridge of the Americas in the background as we left the marina.

The crew - don't you love how we all match????? Totally unplanned!!!! - Jess, Abby, Cheryl (back), Esther and Julie in the front.
See the smoke? This is when we were having the bad trash fires and there was a haze over the city.
The air was SO bad to breath!!!

It is so fun being out in the water and passing these massive vessels that have been through the canal. Amazing!!!!

On the island exploring with Dalton - we are quite the group!

The water on this side of the island was so peaceful. I have no pictures of our adventure sleeping on the boat. Pretty much there was no sleeping. Cheryl had the best spot on the back area. Julie and Esther tried sleeping on the front. Jess moved to the back with us. It was so rough rocking back and forth all night as the tide came in. I'm never rocking a baby to sleep again. That is pure torture! (Just kidding!)
 The beach where Cheryl was stung by the jellies.
 Right before she jumped in and was stung.  Cheryl we called Ariel the whole time because she flipped and swam and splashed all around in the water. Hilarious!!!
 Can you see the flags???????? That, my friends, is where Survivor was being filmed. Before you get as excited as we were, we found out later that it was Turkish Survivor. We kept yelling for Jeff Probst, no wonder he didn't come out.
 Boating around in the glorious water! It is seriously so gorgeous out in the Pearls. Love it! It's one of my most favorite places in Panama
Returning to the city - look the haze and smoke had lifted!! Such a delight!

We had a great time, even with no sleep, but enjoyed laughing together, swimming around, and just enjoying some time off!!!! Thankful for those fun moments!

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