Sunday, May 5, 2013

Provision in the Process

So this looming new adventure...

Many have asked about is next, where am I going, etc.

Quite honestly, at the beginning, I had no idea. I only knew I had to be obedient. Step into the unknown and watch God do His thing. Place my foot into the Jordan River in order to watch the waters part.

The biggest two questions have been:
1. Are you going to teach again?
2. Are you looking for a children's ministry position?

I didn't know. I was open to anything. Really wanting to see what the Lord would put before me. Yes, doing what I could in being faithful, but totally trusting Him to show up.

Not long after talking to CBC,  I sent an email to some dear friends who own a business. Twice in the past three-ish years, we have talked about the possibility of my coming to work with them, I even filled out a strengths profile with them (that I had forgotten about), etc. It seemed annually, I would receive an email sent to friends saying they were looking for folks to join their team and my heart would jump at the chance, but the timing wasn't right.

Even last year, right after things were finalized for me to go over to the church side of things here, I got one of those emails and gonna be honest, I doubted if staying here was right. I so desperately wanted to pursue that option. But the message was clear, Not yet.

So I sent the email saying, "I realize you may have no open positions, but I thought I would let you know my time in Panama is closing." And I left it there.
In the meantime, I looked into teaching options, some random options, looked at ministry positions of all kinds, and waited and prayed.

Remember this lesson of the P's the Lord is taking me on? The process is still in motion, and the waiting for a job is part of this process. I knew the provision part would come, I just didn't know when or how.

In the process, I learned a lot about trust (still learning!). And I knew it was the Lord, because that sick feeling in your stomach about "WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING???? I HAVE NO JOB!!!" didn't come up. There was just a calm I can't explain other than the peace of the Holy Spirit.
The other response is far more typical of Abby! :)

Within one day, I had heard back just to say, "let's chat."
Within one week, we chatted. In that first chat, I learned there were two positions open in the exact area they had talked to me about in the past.
Y'all, I was in shock! It wasn't supposed to work out like this. In my mind, I played this scenario out as taking MONTHS, no leads, no options, nothing, and then an option? Lord, really?

Oh how the Lord love to shock us!
We continued to talk, interview, send messages, ask questions, and pray. They were praying. I was praying. Friends were praying.
God was moving.

I was officially offered a job at Morning Star Tours almost exactly one year to the day from the time I had battled with wanting to go and it wasn't time.

So what is Morning Star? Some of you may know this, but I love the land of Israel. I love studying Scripture and "seeing" the locations in my mind as I read. I love maps and studying Scripture with maps spread around or drawing them as I go.
Morning Star organizes Biblical tours to the Holy Land for churches and organizations to introduce people to the land of Israel. The family who started and runs this business have such a heart for ministry, for the Word, for the land of Israel, and for people to fall more deeply in the love with the Savior through an experience in the Holy Land.
My official title will be a Tour Manager and I'll be helping groups put together their plan and make sure things are all set for their adventure to the land.

Sometime this summer, I'll be moving to Dallas, Texas to begin this new adventure. A sweet gift to go along with this is that Abby and Luke live there and it will be so nice to live near some family and get to know and hang out with them as a married couple!!!

Yes, it is a big change, but one on which I am excited to embark!

How our God provides in the process! Far beyond what I would have EVER designed myself.
Oh the fears He has quelled. And the truths I have had to hold to when the lies and insecurities have crept in and still do.
There is still a process taking place. But He is providing far beyond what I would have imagined. Fulfilling a desire of my heart to be a part of this ministry. Stretching me in new ways and skills.

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