Friday, May 17, 2013

Small Kids - Big Hearts

Two weeks ago was the Jr. Kids Camp for munchkins in K5-2nd grade.

This semester in Psalm 8:2 (Sunday night kids program), we've been reading the book, Do Hard Things.

Do Hard Things Book

As a leadership team, we've talked a lot of taking on responsibility, going beyond what is expected, and doing things that are meaningful and push outside of our comfort zones.

Jr. Kids Camp was set before this team of youth volunteers (Lisa and I being the only ones over 20) as the hard task to take on. They were each in charge of different areas to coordinate and lead.

I had asked several weeks prior for each team member to list his or her's passions or gifts in certain areas. The beautiful part was that we had people for each category - love the diversity of talents on the team!

So the planning began! I gave the topic and an idea of what I would talk about at big kids camp, but they were on their own. I was available for asking questions or brainstorming, but wanted them to take the leadership of going after it.

Everything went really well! We had 47 kiddos show up, full of energy and ready to have fun!

First game - modified duck-duck-goose. You say each person's name and if you don't know it, you would shout "Kids Camp" or "Campamento de NiƱos"
Super fun! 
 Yes, we played with the mush pot (anyone else remember that????)

 Singing - all of my singing pictures are blurry, because there was constant motion! All worship!

 Lesson 1 - "I am a sinner"

 Sweet story, little man on the left wasn't going to spend the night. So his sweet friend on the right told him, "It's ok. You can share my sleeping bag until your mom comes to get you." They laughed and were so excited to have a sleepover.
 Sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals, blankets - everywhere!! This was obviously the girls side with all the pink.
 One of the most precious things I hold from the weekend was going to sleep that night, lots of munchkins pulled out there Bibles to read. They would sit with their flashlight reading alone with friends. Unbelievably sweet! .

 We learned the several kiddos begin snoring at a very early age.

I learned I am too old to sleep on the floor. Sleep would be a relative term. And when you look out over so many people and know that you are responsible for all of them, sleep doesn't really happen. Thankful for the Lord's goodness.
 Probably my favorite picture from the weekend. I Love watching kiddos worship!

It is ok to study the Word with cowgirl boots next to you.

The girls the next morning painted a poster as they taught lesson 2 - "In Christ, I am..."

It was a beautiful representation of our theme for protecting identity.

It was a great time together! Thankful and overwhelmed for the parents who entrusted their babies to us for the night.

My favorite take away moment besides the kiddos reading their Bibles was Friday night.
There were 44 sleeping bags spread all over the sanctuary floor (3 kiddos went home and came back in the morning).
Most of you who read this blog know that I don't have my own babies, but lots of people share their munchkins with me. The responsibility that night was overwhelming (I don't know how parents do it!).
The Lord really impressed on my heart to tuck in every kiddo. So I walked around and told every kiddo goodnight, that I was thankful they were there, and pressed my kissed fingertips to their foreheads.

Thanks, parents, for sharing your babies with me!

What an amazing group! Praying the Lord continues to draw these precious hearts to Himself and to ignite a passion within their hearts for Jesus!


  1. I can think of few I would rather share my munchkins with, Abby! Thanks you for lovingly and consistently pointing our kiddos towards Christ!

  2. Oh Abby, how we love you and how you have loved these kids! What a gift and blessing you are to all that you meet!