Saturday, June 15, 2013

And Then There Were Two...

It's the season of goodbyes. Ugh.

I don't have eloquence, so here's the heart in its raw, incoherent state.

Being the last one of the crew to leave is rough. It's really ok, thankful I can spread it out, but the downside is the almost daily goodbyes is like a daily breaking and ripping of your heart.

It's crazy to believe that for so many of my dear friends the Panama season has ended - all within the last 9 months.

Last September it started, none of us knowing how life would change.

Kara was the first to go. 

 When we took this picture, only the Lord knew that all of us would be leaving Panama in the following months. Crazy. This wasn't in any of our plans (ok, Cheryl was on the fence).

Then in March, it was Jen's turn.

More tears. More goodbyes. More reminders of how precious our friendships are and a tighter hold of sweet memories.

This week, it was Cheryl's turn. (You may have noticed that these group pictures continue having five people, but the ones from Kara's picture keep disappearing.)

This one was tough. It felt real. Especially when you know you are coming home to an empty house.

 We started off holding it together.
 Taking sweet friend pictures.
 Snuggles with baby.
 Awesome Avery came with us (because she adores Cheryl of course!)

I didn't put the Cheryl crying with Memphie picture. Break our hearts! 

Avery is a cute crier. 

I am not. 

Amber didn't laugh because Cheryl was leaving. I promise. 
 The group shot. Love these women and that handsome little man!

And she's gone.

And now there are two - Amber and I. And tomorrow morning, just one.
It's an early morning airport run to drop off more Panama family.

I'm thankful for the tears. It's a reminder of what a unique and super special time this has been. This is why is hurts. Because it has been good.

I wouldn't trade the hurt for never having met these heart friends. It's worth it.

And tomorrow morning, more will go. There will be another photo.
Another goodbye. More tears.

But also the reminder - this is not the end.

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