Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being a Tourist - Lynchburg

This week I'm in Lynchburg, VA hanging out with Roo (Cheryl) while she is taking an intensive grad school class.

It's been super fun hanging out with her stateside - road-tripping up from Georgia, going to Target, talking about educational stuff, laughing, and just hanging out.

Nathan is in town also taking a class - hurray for Panama reunion #2 (the first is being with Cheryl)

During the day while she is at school, I've been exploring this place.

Today I went downtown to walk around and just look around.

As I was walking around, I felt like a tourist. In my own country. And I liked it.

It was fun to look at cute buildings, peer in store-front windows, snap photos, wander aimlessly, and grin like a fool.

There is something so charming about smaller, downtown America. And I loved all the barber shops everywhere.

This wall fascinated me. It is such a picture to me of transition in advertising - painted-on-the-wall-signs, electric sign, and current billboard.

I really like doors - it started in Chicago on Oak Street. This one evokes thoughts of an old Model T driving out of it.

This might have been my favorite building. As I was walking back, I kept staring at second story floors and wondering their stories. Did they used to be dwelling places for store owners? Were they rented out? What are they used for now? Are they storing unknown treasures? What lives lived and loved within those walls? I could picture the windows flung open, listening to the sounds from Main St. below, the clip-clopping of horses pulling the ice wagon, the shouts of kids running home from school, the blowing of the train whistle, and so much more. 

It's fun being a tourist. Though I must admit, I kept the camera hidden in my bag until I needed it. Can't let go of the stereotypical tourist with camera strapped around the neck. 

Tomorrow - being a tourist in the old cemetery. Excited!!!!! 

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