Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Friends - Neighbors

So I have a LOT of pictures with special people that are sweet friends from Panama. Instead of writing a 97,000 word mini-novel on all of them, I'm going to highlight one per week. It also then allows time to really think and reflect on these sweet people.

This post may be a little different than others, because it could easily be a book about these friends.
First up, I'll continue with the goodbye segment which was the Callaways.
What is really fun about this post is that TODAY I get to see TJ and Amber...already!!!!!!!!! So thankful! It was unexpected, but I'll take it!

I'm not explaining the picture of Memphie and I - other than it was sweet snuggle time for he and I to say so long. Love that munchkin.

Having the privilege to have a little nephew upstairs and be part of his life for the first seven months is so incredibly precious. He is a little snuggle bug and I've so loved watching him grow up. Wednesday nights while Amber would go down for high school Crossfire, he and I would hang out. Thankful!

TJ and Amber are truly family. The last six months have brought a greater depth to our friendship as we've processed moving, packing up, selling things, life, and so much more. And we've done it together. It's a long story, but starting in February, our two apartments started sharing dinners together nearly every weekday night. And sometimes on weekends. Those are precious memories and were so fun. (And were great for our budgets!)

* Don't worry, baby was here at the airport, but in the stroller.

It is going to be very strange thinking about not living next door to each other anymore. These were the neighbors that you call when you need an egg or a cup of sugar (for sweet tea) or they call you to see if sweet tea is in the fridge to come get a glass.

Regardless of how time and space may separate us for now, these are forever friends/family. There aren't words to express my thanks for them. We have laughed and cried and questioned and rejoiced and truly lived life together.

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