Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reunions and Reminders

So this past week has been so full of sweet friends.

I hung out in Lynchburg with Cheryl this past week.

Panama Reunion #1 - Roo (cheryl) - for the week! So fun!

Panama Reunion #2 - Nathan

As I mentioned in another post, Nathan was in town for a class to, so we got hang out a couple of times and caught up.

Panama Reunion #3 - TJ and Amber.
This one was a surprise! A surprise in the sense that none of us expected to see each other this soon.
TJ had an interview in Pennsylvania, so we put together a plan to meet up and have dinner. Plans were adjusted so that Cheryl could be there too!
Y'all, it ended up being something ONLY God could have orchestrated because things were crazy!
Cheryl and I got caught in fabulous (insert sarcasm) traffic for almost two hours on our way to meet them in Baltimore.
We got there, TJ runs down the row of tables and is waving his arm and shouting at Cheryl (in typical brother fashion).
As we sit down, we hear their story.

It was one of those moments when I was thankful that none of us had technology to keep up with each other. Basically, they would have missed their connecting flight, but instead were rerouted to Baltimore and BEGGED for the airline to let them off. It worked. If we had gotten their messages, we would have turned around and gone back. Thankfully, we didn't know.

Love this picture even though TJ's head is cut off! :)

It was so much fun laughing, talking, sharing stories, talking about our "America" stories, and just being together.

The rest of this weekend, Cheryl and I hung out by mom and dad's pool, talked, relaxed, and just enjoyed life.

And so today brought about yet another goodbye to Roo. Ugh.

Yes, she kept telling me not to cry. Too bad! I'll cry if I want to, Cheryl! :)

For me, this was the reality that there isn't another time set to see each other and hang out. This was the real "see you later".

As we drove off from seeing TJ and Amber the other night, Cheryl and I talked and I keep coming back to that conversation.

Those few short hours with the Callaways were a reminder that we are all family. We get together and hang out and carry on with life. Yes, our lives might be changing. Yes, we might be in different places geographically. Yes, our contexts are changing.
BUT, whenever we get together, it's as though nothing has changed. We share our new stories, our new experiences, our growth, our heartaches, our joys, and we keep living!

So as Cheryl drove off today, I came back to that. The Lord has moved each of us toward something. Some of it is unknown. BUT He has already gone ahead. He has provided amazing friends for these past journeys and He will keep moving us each forward.

I'm thankful for the week of reunions and the picture of the reminders. The reminder that so many people have become family and whenever we meet up, we carry on.

And sometimes carrying on means being the obnoxious table who laughs too loudly or smacking a girl walking to the bathroom with a flailing arm while telling a story (ahem, Cheryl) while your friend sees it about to happen and is already laughing (ahem, Amber).

Thankful. Blessed. Reminded.

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