Sunday, July 14, 2013

Firsts in a New Place - Dallas

Moving to a new/old place is kind of strange. Dallas is SO familiar because I spent nearly 15 years of my life here (minus four in college, but it's still home base then), but at the same it is SO strange because I've not lived here or had this as home base in 8 years.

AND starting over somewhere brings with it a lot of firsts, especially transitioning back to a different country.

So here are some firsts:

* Today was my first time to go to church alone in a LONG time and not know anyone there. I went to The Village Church is Dallas and was so blessed by the time there. I met one person. No, I can't remember her name (fail).

* First time I've bought flowers for myself when starting a new job. (There were more than 3, but I spread them throughout the house to spread the beauty!)

* Last night was my first night to sleep alone in a new apartment. Yes, I kept waking up hearing things. So I bought a fan today to help with that. Living for years in the tropics, I always slept with a fan on for coolness and the sound, so this should help.

* Yesterday was my first time to invite someone to come with me to a church I've never been to before.

* First time to live in an apartment with a working dishwasher!!!!!! Love this! 929 had a dishwasher, but it wasn't operating when I lived there. 650 had one that was original to the place and definitely did NOT work.

* First time making sweet tea and having no neighbors to share it with. Sad. I did send them a message inviting them over for some sweet tea. Too bad Denver is not a short drive to Dallas.

* It was my first time unpacking in a new place and not crying. Maybe I'm growing up! :)

* First time in a LONG time going to church where all hymns were sung and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

* First time going to Trader Joes and not buying 10 canisters of chai tea. (I would always stock up on this to take back to Panama. Avery inherited much of this tea and now she may have to import it!:)

* Tomorrow will be the first time since college that I've had a non-teaching position.

* First time grocery shopping in a year where I didn't plan meals with my roommates or neighbors. I miss that a lot. It was so much fun planning meals with each other, sharing cooking responsibilities and having "family" to eat with every night. I miss that a lot.

It's been a good beginning of firsts. I'm sure there are many more in store. Thankful. Blessed.


  1. Come visit at NHBC! We would love to see you and take you out to lunch! Welcome home! :)

  2. Well then, Abby, I'm both happy and sad!
    I'm sure it was just about as strange as going to Panama the first time.