Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Friends - Cilla

* Disclaimer - to be completely honest, I'm not in the mood to blog about friends. Not because I don't love them, but I don't want to feel. How's that for honesty? I'd rather blog about Luke and Abby's bathroom (can't wait to do that one) or about the salon I saw this morning and took a photo of while sitting at a red light. People keep asking about adjusting and really, it hasn't been as rough as I thought. BUT I keep saying, "I'm waiting for it to hit." The hammer is getting closer to falling.
In spite of all this, I will still continue the Friday's Friends, not because I'm being legalistic and HAVE to (which I don't), but as a reminder to be thankful.

This is Cilla.
Cilla and I at Disney World (pardon the rain drop on the lens)

Gonna be honest, I'm not sure if this is how you spell her name. I probably gringa-ized it. (But it can't be spelled Silla, because then she would be a chair and I'm hopeful that no parent would name their child chair). 
She is one of the nannies for the family I tutored for the past two years. 

We spoke often, albeit, often times misunderstanding one another. I struggled in understanding her Spanish a lot of the time and would get so frustrated with myself. She was incredibly patient. 

While I was in Florida with the family, we spent a lot of time chatting in the mornings while the family was sleeping. She showed me how she makes empanadas and we talked about her family in Colombia. Cilla often asked me about my love life and why I wasn't married. Hilarious trying to explain in Spanish! 

One of my sweetest memories was this past spring, several different days for a few weeks, baby Caleb was in my office during the time I would tutor. When Cilla figured this out, she would come over to my office and take baby in the other room to play with him and love on him while I tutored. The twins would hang out with her. They all loved having a baby to hang out with and love on! My tutoring buddy was disappointed because he loved having Caleb watch him do his homework. 
For weeks after that, Cilla would come to my office asking where the baby was. 

When we said goodbye in Florida, Cilla became teary and was so kind as we said farewell. It is in those instances, I was hit with the reality that she is one person I truly may not see again. I don't know what her relationship is with the Lord. I do think it is completely possible she loves Jesus based on some conversations we had. Lord willing, we will meet up again in heaven. 

I'm thankful for the times Cilla and I were able to chat, though it was often difficult. It was a unique friendship, birthed out of a "job" and gave way to a sweet time to learn from one another. 

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