Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Friends - Sara

This is fun - reflecting on the sweet treasures of friendships the Lord has brought into my life.

Highlight of the week - Sara.

Sara and I met almost two years ago when I started tutoring the three munchkins.

One thing I prayed for was that the Lord would give me courage to make an effort to get to know the ladies who worked in this home. First, to know each of their names and second, to do the best I could to hear their stories and love them like Jesus.

Sara was at the house every time I came. The first year I worked for this family, I tutored in their home four days a week and this past year one day in the home and three in my office. Sara was really the only one of the three ladies who called me by name - Abigail. Loved that!

Some weeks, I would show up and the kiddos wouldn't be there and we would sit and talk while I waited. She is from Panama, near Penonome. She misses her family and her nieces and nephews. Sara's role is to cook for the family and do housework.

One of my favorite memories with Sara, well, I have two.
1. I ran into her once at Pricesmart (Panama's Costco). Ok, not literally ran into her, but I saw her and got so excited. I started calling her name louder and louder. She didn't hear me (well, she didn't think the person was calling her). Finally, I went over to her and touched her should to greet her. Scared her! I felt bad, but then we laughed about it!

2. I showed up about six weeks ago and she was home alone. While I was in the sunroom waiting, I went to go give her back the plate and glass she had served me on and I stayed in the kitchen with her. I know it always made her a little uncomfortable (and I totally felt like I was breaking cultural rules), but I started asking her cooking questions. She answered all of them and explained how to make lentils (that was my big question).

I'm thankful for the honor and privilege to have known Sara, even in a small way. She became such a sweet highlight of my week and I will miss my conversations with her and her incredible kindness and patience with my Spanish.

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