Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Friends - A Special Family

I'm posting these sweet people now since we were able to get together last week.

I met Pilar when they moved to Panama and their oldest daughter was going to be in my classroom. Then their son needed tutoring, so I started going to their house three-four days a week to hang out and do some tutoring. Those times often turned into having dinner together or talking.

Pilar joined Bible study, so we were able to stay connected that way since I didn't have constant interaction with the kiddos anymore when tutoring finished.

Sweet girl and I reconnecting! I can't believe how much she has grown up!!!! Seems like just yesterday, she was in my fourth grade class. Tear.

Last fall right before they were moving, I took Spanish classes twice a week with Pilar's mom, Leonor, who was staying with them from Ecuador for several months. That was a special time of doing not just language study, but talking about our lives, laughing, trying to understand one another, and enjoying our class time.

So when I went to visit them, it was a bonus that Leonor was visiting and we could reconnect.

While I was in the DC area, Pilar and I found a way to be able to meet up before they are relocated to India. We talked about the next time we meet could be in India, which would be awesome!

This was at Pilar's farewell in Panama. We knew we'd meet up again sometime and the Lord made a way! 

They are a precious family with whom I share many sweet memories. It was such a delight to spend some time with them, catch up on life, practice Spanish (for me), and get some sweet hugs.

Thankful for these sweet reunion and for this precious family full of friends.

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