Saturday, July 6, 2013

Packing For the Next Adventure

When you live internationally, you become somewhat of a packing expert. One quickly becomes familiar and knows the "feel" of 50lbs of luggage. Typically when leaving the country one is living in, the luggage weight is greatly diminished. BUT returning back, the battle with luggage can become an all-out war!

Last night was again one of those packing it up nights! Today I leave Virginia with the padres to begin a new adventure in Dallas, with a new ministry. It's been one of the LEAST stressful pack-ups. One reason is because I keep thinking, "Oh I can get that there." It's so different.

This luggage scale has become one of our FAVORITE packing tools!!!! It has saved us from unpacking and repacking at the airport multiple times. 

Every suitcase needs some amazing Ahava lotion from Israel, a basket from Panama, a sifter from Grandma, Mary Kay, and my favorite Grendha shoes from Brazil. This is before the cowboy boots went in - hey, I am moving to Texas!!! Must have! 

This was in my suitcase, but when I put something else on top of it, the timer started going off. Not a good idea. I don't want the suitcase to get destroyed or for the airport to be shut down because of Catch Phrase. It will go in the carry on.

So, the bags are packed, boarding passes printed (that doesn't happen internationally!!!!), and the next step is here. What a whirlwind the past six months have been.

Let's see what is coming next...

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