Wednesday, July 17, 2013

USPS and Name Suggestions

Had another "First" experience today. Though it was a "first in my life" type of experience.

I was sent to the post office to pick up mail for the office.
By the way, the weather in Dallas has been GORGEOUS this week!!!!!
I was FREEZING Sunday and Monday. The high was no more than mid 70's. Y'all that is UNHEARD of for mid July in Dallas. I had forgotten that when you look at the window and it's raining and cloudy that sometimes it actually mean it's cold outside.

Back to the story.
I get the mail and there is a notice for a package! Instantly, I was flung back to my childhood (yes, even adulthood) when we would get that special notice in the mail and be filled with anticipation of a package! I had that same moment, even though I knew it was for work.

This meant going into the actual post office services area and standing in line and such.
I get up to the counter, package is retrieved, and I have to sign for it.
So I sign my name.

The man looks at it and says to me, "You don't look like an Abigail or an Abby."

I stand there, uncertain of what to say. Should I say, "Thank you?" or make a joke or make something up like, "Well, it's not my real name. You caught me. It's really Mavis Wavis Shavis" (or some equally rhyming name, just because it would be funny). Or what if I had told him I was a spy and couldn't reveal my real name so that is my signing name only?
Side note - Mavis is my secret name when Hannah and I go shopping. Long story.

He proceeds, "You look more like a Terri or maybe a Liz."

Now I am completely flabbergasted and this is what I say (CHERYL - why can't I think of witty things on the spot?????) "Well, I have this name my whole life!" And I walk out.

The end.

What have people told you they think your name should be?

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